About Us

Pushworkers.com is a crowdsourcing platform that connects Workers and Employers from around the world. We offer effective solutions to personal and businesses to grow their social media accounts, websites as well as mass advertising. Pushworkers.com distributes the employer campaign tasks to the worker and also minimizes the time to finish the employer’s campaign and also collects results on the employer’s target date.

Our Team

Pushworkers.com has a dedicated team, that has worked in big IT companies. Our team has high experience in project management, delivering on time and quality. Our team does its best to provide all users with the exceptional service they deserve.

How It Works

In Pushworkers.com, you can be a Worker as well as an Employer.


Workers can earn money by doing tasks available to them. You can do tasks anytime and there is no limit to how many tasks you can do. You can earn more money by referring your family and friends as well. Once you completed a task and submitted it, it will be reviewed by the Employer. You will earn money when your submitted task is approved by the Employer.


An employer can create as many campaigns per their needs to grow your social media accounts. Your created campaign goes to our verification team. Once it is verified then it will be published on Pushworkers.com.